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Bath Buddy ™

Bath Buddy ™

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Make your pet bath time more fun with Bath Buddy!

“This playful and quirky bath accessory adds an extra element of enjoyment to your pet bathing routine. With its unique design, Bath Buddy is not only functional but also adds a touch of humor to your day. Say goodbye to boring baths and hello to Bath Buddy!"

Keep Your Pet Clean and Healthy!

Our Pet Bath Brush will give your pup the best bath of his life! They will enjoy every moment of the bath time.


Pet Bath Brush has 2 in 1 design which makes shampoo foam distribution more even. It not only provide quick washing of your Pet but also eliminate shower clutters.

Made of 100% high grade and odorless silicone bristles, with no harmful toxins or contaminants, that won't harm your pet skin.

How to Use it:

  • Open the ring on the top and add water
  • Then add Shampoo of yours or your Pet's liking
  • Shake it and Squeeze it to produce foam
  • You're now ready to give your Pet the best bath

Additional Features:

  • Pet Bath Brush improves blood circulation of your Pet
  • It gently removes loose hair, dirt, and mud
  • It gives them massage while showering which makes them happy
  • It has 80ML Capacity to hold liquid/ shampoo
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