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PurrSteam Brush ™

PurrSteam Brush ™

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Get a purr-fectly groomed cat with our Cat Steam Brush.

This innovative brush combines the power of steam with the cuteness of cats to effortlessly detangle and smooth fur, leaving your feline friend looking and feeling their best. Grooming your cat has never been so delightful (or effective)!

The #1 Solution To Dog Hair

Tired of your dog shedding like never before? Easily brush all that hair away with the Steamy Pet Brush. 

"It works like a charm the best deshedding brush ever, no more matted hair either!"

- Jessica - 5/5 - Texas, USA

Innovative Steam Technology

The Steamy Pet Brush harnesses the power of steam to provide a gentle and effective grooming experience for your pets.

The soothing warmth of steam not only relaxes your pets but also helps to loosen and remove dirt, dander, and loose fur, leaving their coat clean and shiny.

Reduce Shedding By 95% TODAY

  • Perfect for All Coat Types
  • Pet-Safe Rounded Edges
  • Shiny and Smooth Fur
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean
  • Stress-Free Grooming Experience


Our Top Rated Steamy Pet Brush is running low on stock. Reduce shedding by 95% and Get Yours Now!

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