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Flying Ball ™

Flying Ball ™

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Unleash the fun with our Flying Ball Pet toy!

“No need to throw, just watch as your furry friend chases and plays with the flying ball. Perfect for keeping your pet active and entertained. Get ready for some major paws-itive energy (See what we did there?). Woof woof!"

Your Pup NEEDS Natural Stimulation!

Most dogs lack enough stimulation...due to the ease of modern life.

Causing them to develop Separation Anxiety.

Keep your loved one Stimulated for endless hours with our Flying saucer Ball made specifically for Natural Brain Stimulation. The Flying Saucer Ball is an amazing way for your dogs to release energy and draw out their hunting instincts!

The Flying Saucer Ball not only helps your dog release endorphins (happy hormones), but it also acts as their little friend. It will move when touched and when left alone to stimulate your dog for hours.

Signs Your Dog is Lacking Stimulation

  • Excessive Random Barking
  • Constantly Whining
  • Restless Pacing
  • Disobedience
  • Destructive Behavior

Treat YOUR Dog to a BETTER Life

We recommend that you get more than one Flying Saucer Ball for your dogs, most dog owners have noticed that their doggos are better stimulated with Multiple Flying Saucer Balls.


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The Fun NEVER Ends

  • Hours of Fun
  • Built-in Button Battery
  • Natural Plush Filling
  • Long Battery-Life

See What Other Dog Owners Are Saying

"This by far is the best toy I have purchased for our Toy Australian Shepard/Toy Poodle Mix. It is very quiet too. It is about the size of a baseball. We can easily watch a movie without distraction. She is very active and this ball fits the bill. She is only 8 weeks old and chases this ball and drags it around the house. She is only 31/2 Ibs. She absolutely loves this ball! She is getting used to her new environment and this ball gives her the activity to run most of the day. She is already going potty outside! Get this ball for your small dog. It will keep them active and you cannot. You won't be sorry. This ball is very durable for our puppy."

- Jenny - 5/5 - California, USA

"My male golden retriever is just one year old and getting bored and destructive in the house. I bought this and he loves it! He is a timid dog and I thought he would be scared of it, but after a few minutes, he was fine with it. He began pouncing after it, tossing it in the air! I had to turn it off in the evening because he just wouldn't stop playing with it and it was bedtime!! Highly recommend it! We have a king Charles cavalier and they both love it."

- Helen - 5/5 - Ontario, CA

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