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NoSplash ™

NoSplash ™

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No more wet floors with Zero Splash!

Keep your furry friend hydrated and your floors dry. Quench their thirst with this unique, mess-free solution.

The Last Water Bowl You'll Ever Have To Buy, Guaranteed!

Say goodbye to messy floors and frequent cleanings with the Splash-Proof Water Bowl. Regular water bowls can lead to frequent choking.

Your dog should not be constantly choking when drinking water.

Frequent choking causes damage to the trachea, which can lead to irreversible injuries like hypoplastic trachea and damaged throat, which can require expensive treatment.

Made To Stop ALL Choking & Spills

Constant choking can be very dangerous to your dog's health the Splash-Proof Water Bowl reduces choking by up to 99%

Gone are the days of cleaning after your dog's huge water mess.

Our Splash-Proof Water Bowl has helped THOUSANDS of dog owners around the world stop constant choking and tedious cleaning.

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See What Other Dog Owners Are Saying

Can't stop drinking from it!

Our pup wasn't drinking that much water before we got this and when he did boy was it messy lol. Now he is always drinking water from this bowl and their's no mess.

Glen Chinwall (Highly Recommend)5/5 Florida 

Works for all sizes and NO MESS!

This is the best water bowl ever. From my 150 lb German Sheppard to my Cat and 5 lb Chihuahua. My animals don't choke on water and my big baby german doesn't make a water mess all over my floors I'm buying another one for the patio.

cindy Garman 5/5 Virginia Bech

(Highly Recommend)

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